Why I’m Not In Annapolis

I couldn’t be more grateful for the community of people, many of whom I barely know, who are committed to getting me back to Annapolis. I was tempted to despair over this summer and lose all hope in this vision, but for the fact that a group of people have been writing letters, making phone calls and continuing to contribute to the costs of this mission through monthly support.

It is you, the reader, who has been faithful to the calling which I doubted. Your patience, understanding, friendship and faithfulness has blessed me beyond words. Thank you.

I expected to be in America by now but for whatever reason The Lord has arranged things in such a way that I shall have to wait a while longer. I’m not disappointed, though I’ve yet to understand why. A dear friend in my church who spent her career as a missionary insists that this is not wasted time, that I am here for a purpose.

All I feel I’ve accomplished in my time working at a restaurant is learning Polish swear words. I’m glad for the work but more so I’m glad to meet a community of people who have the most tenuous connection to any form of Christianity. From the regulars to my colleagues, I get to spend each day in the high-pressure environment of the hospitality industry where, despite my inadequate witness, people won’t stop asking about my faith.

I try my hardest not to be Ned Flanders or Dot Cotton but I apparently can’t help being noticed as a Christian.

Is that something I’ll take away from this waiting time?

Despite the situation I’m in I’ve found ways to serve Downtown Hope and the community of Annapolis by managing their web presence and online resources. I’ve also enjoyed entering in more fully into the life of my local church, serving the young people and spending time with the wiser members as well as speaking engagements.

And most of all I’ve enjoyed your fellowship through the blessings of instant communication and the petrol engine.

Thanks for staying with me this past few months.

Please continue to remember me in your prayers in this trying time and keep reminding me to hope in the Lord.

Yours faithfully,


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  1. bless you – waiting (on the Lord’s timing) is never easy and I think one of the most frustrating things I know!


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