Levi The Poet – The Teacher Speaks (Lyrics)

It’s times like these that I used to be a lot closer to God
And I’ve got friends that don’t’ know him at all
And when I miss him, Oh it’s a shame that they don’t know what they’re missing

Like this’ll destroy you as my writing music
and their progression makes me feel like I’m progressing through or past
All of the empty inspiration and into something that might last
Like letters to lovers could transcend their pages
And cut deep into the heart of the receiver

Well I read a love letter labelled “emotion” signed “with hate, love the deceiver”
And frankly I couldn’t love him more

Well I don’t know what’s in store for us
but I know that not every glorious answer to prayer is from God
And some of these voices are not him speaking at all
But it’s so simple to convince yourself that it’s the Spirit talking to you
Like each convenience is a virtue
Like if practice makes perfect, I’m going to pretend my way into feeling until I finally love my neighbour

Son you’re not writing out a single thing that’s actually close to your heart
And I know the music tugs at it’s string but it hasn’t pulled it apart
And you’ve been writing for everybody else for so long
That you have no idea who you are

As I swear the only way you find yourself nowadays is in these pages
I mean in those days was in those pages
Like I have not written, or prayed, for days
and days
and days
and days
and days

And there’s a time for everything that’s stuck under the sun
But this one has run it’s course
I swore up and down that there was more to pour out
but it’s all forest and I don’t know any more

That sadness became my comfort
and maintaining it became my chore
Well there’s a time to weep and a time to mourn
And there’s a time to laugh and it’s fighting for it’s place in a time of war

There are still monsters in my closets, Father
And I can feel the shadow people hiding in the hallways
Are the ever gonna stop sneaking up behind me?
And is anyone else my age still afraid of a black night?
And do you run in the dark in a panic for the light?

Well it’s the sunken disappointment creeping
through my stomach in the morning
Rise and fall of lungs on the verge of collapse
Keeping my from talking to God

It’s the sunken, swollen eyelids
making love to all things permissible
But hardly proving profitable at all

It’s the walls thick as paper
I mean thin as paper
I mean thick or thin as paper
or thick or thin as plaid pyjama bottoms
patiently passing as a passive activist for abstinence

In between thick skin

It’s the walls fragile as paper that I can’t feel you through
It’s all vanity and vapour and I cater to my emotions
As I am the most important person in my universe

Interlocking fingers with both God and satan
so after I’ve made love to the devil
I can stay on my knees and start praying

There’s a difference between what you know and what you practice
And I had to practice purging my practices
As I know I’ve heard promises of a life that gets past this

What I wanna do I don’t and what I don’t I do
And I’ve been practicing depravity rather than knowing you

If your mercies are new every morning
Then all of this can’t be grasping after the wind
I’ve seen vanity reach out its sweet hand to me
And I built my firm footing on its fragile whims

There’s a time to keep and time to heal
And I am numb cuddling with these werewolves
And I know that there has got to be a time to feel

The time has long past to cast away these stones
I’m still broken but I know you can rebuild these bones

I keep looking back before I go foreword
I just wanna go home
I’ve got no plan B
I’m just running for home
I’m still dragging
But I just wanna make it home

Find more Levi The Poet work through his website.

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