Stanley Hauerwas Diagnoses Evangelicalism


One of the problems with Evangelicals, particularly as it’s taken the form of Church Growth, is the presumption that you get to make God up–you get to make God up, you get to make Christianity up–so its like you don’t receive it through the gifts of 2000 years that have made you possible

In moving beyond what I suppose I ought to more accurately call contemporary, popular evangelicalism I suppose I must open myself up to the reality that this experience of Christian life, of church, is not all there is. There is in fact a long tradition of many people who have prayed, studied the scriptures and acted out God’s purposes in the world. I must listen to them all, not just the ones beginning in the 16th century. Not just the ones who wore black preaching scarves instead of stoles. Not just Wesley and Calvin, but Aquinas and Ignatius too.

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