Levi The Poet: Resentment

And someone will love it because it’s honest,
and someone will hate it because it’s crude,

but as for me: for every time I give my testimony to a crowd,
I’ll lie awake at night and wonder
about whether or not I’ve told the truth.

Levi The Poet

This verse made me burst into tears.

God, is that me?


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  1. So sad this guy doesn’t seem to have a true understanding about the grace of our wonderful heavenly father. Pride and self pity – opposite ends of the same stick. Whatever we are like – God’s grace has found us and freed us so we never again need to see ourselves or talk about ourselves like this. We are the righteousness of God and should be righteousness conscious and not sin conscious – hallelujah what a fantastic Dad we have.


    • On the contrary. I think he does. Luther was famed for coining the phrase “sin boldly! But believe more boldly still”. Some have used this as a Carte Blanche for sinning. I think he was drawing attention to the fact that though at core our lives on earth will always be touched by temptation to evil, but that despite it all there is always the invitation to grace, the invitation to believe.


  2. Martin Luther also said some things about Jews but I wouldn’t want to quote them here! Rather I seek to quote and abide by what the bible says – yes there is an invitation to grace but surely for those who have accepted the invitation it is time to move to the next stage and Hebrews 10 tells me I need have no more consciousness of sin – so although I know I still sin in my flesh – I am seeking to obey God and not allow myself to be conscious of it – I would rather glory in my saviour – not to downgrade my failings but to significantly upgrade my salvation in Jesus. I do not have to keep examining myself – I know I sin – I rather keep examining my saviour because that’s how I grow and mature spiritually (ephesians) – by finding out more and more about HIM not more and more about me. And guess what I find – the more I concentrate on HIM and the less I concentrate on me – the less I find myself thinking about sinning and the less I find I desire to sin. It really works.

    When a sinful person brought a sacrifice in the OT – the priest did not examine the sinner – he examined the sacrifice. Why are western Christians so keen on re-examining their sin all the time?


    • Yes, we all know Martin Luther said some disagreeable things. That’s no reason to dismiss his work. That’s called the ad hominum fallacy.

      I’m not going to bother proof-texting over this. I’m sure you have a response ready for anything I say. After all, we have to be on guard against false teachers, am I right?

      I’m just trying my best to be gentle to the bruised reeds.


  3. I do find it so sad Ian that you always take what I say negatively. Isn’t it surely a reason for rejoicing that we no longer have to be sin conscious? Jesus was very gentle to bruised reeds but it appears to me what Jesus always did was make them whole – he never seemed to leave them in the same state he found them – he offered them life and peace and security and wholeness and answers – so that they never had to ask the same questions or suffer the same agonies again – unless of course they turned down his offer. What I honestly feel when I read your blogs is that you like to highlight people who are always asking the same questions (and perhaps maybe this reflects where you are at yourself – as if you haven’t yet found the answers in grace yet? Forgive me if I am wrong – but you never sound confident about your life in Christ?


    • I am very glad that my confidence or otherwise about my life in Christ doesn’t actually have any influence over the reality of it. Since God is one who preserves his people by his loving care and strength, then there is enormous freedom to do all the doubting one’s duplicitous heart can spew.

      This is grace. This is the kind of grace which sustains me, and sustains the church.

      I do not think I would be asking the questions I DO ask without knowing Jesus. It is a pursuit and a chasing. It might well all be pointless in the grand, eternal scheme but it seems extremely human to me. God made me a human, not an angel or an animal, so I will be as human as I can.


  4. Are you human? I’m not – God’s word says I am a brand new creation – it’s so liberating and freeing knowing I’m not human and therefore don’t have to act behave or think about human things any more. I am a brand new creation in Christ – and the more I learn about who I now am in Christ the more and more I am excited about the new person I am in Christ and the less and less I want to even remember being human – because that isn’t God’s plan or purpose for me.


    • “Are you human? I’m not – God’s word says I am a brand new creation – it’s so liberating and freeing knowing I’m not human and therefore don’t have to act behave or think about human things any more.”

      Do try to keep telling yourself that, Beverly, as you pay your taxes, place your hand over your nose when you sneeze, or (gods forbid) fulfil certain other bodily functions.



      • Sorry Ben hadn’t realised that paying taxes is exclusive to God’s first creation of man. Do you think I should check with the Government? Certainly sneezing (if I haven’t been able to take authority over a cold) and other bodily functions are not exclusive to humans. Animals sneeze and produce waste!. And I know that Jesus as a new creation ate in his new body. By the way I still have human flesh – but I am not summed up by my humand flesh. I AM a spirit (a brand new recreated spirit) I have a soul and I live in a body. So I think on reflection I won’t be too hard on the Government as they can’t see me as I truly am.


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