A Haunting Cry

How does a young man stand before the community of God’s people and lead them to praise him, when his heart is ruptured by the searing-hot pain of loss?

There is a kind of unique horror–a terrifying anomaly–when a room, specially prepared and lovingly tended, is abandoned in the night. It is a sickness which settles when the whole house does not rise with you and sit for breakfast.

Someone is missing! They are missing and I shall never find them!

How unfair it is that life should just carry on it’s relentless pace, when it ought to stop, standing to attention and bowing the head in the presence of the heart-wounds left by the missing person!

An old friend wrote this song in memory of one who was lost. It was sudden and she was alone.

He studies theology and worship with LST, playing music and blessing God’s people with his art. Yet what could bless the heart which has suffered this loss?

I have listened to this song over and over, with teeth clenched. What words does one say when a man asks his God–the one who holds him in everlasting arms–why his dear, loved one is gone without a goodbye?

I don’t have any.

But I hope you will join me in listening to his song. And please, when my heart aches, God grant me some words to express it.

Even if you will not keep me from the pain, oh God I could not bear it if I must keep such crippling wounds all to myself.

And I know now that I am thankful for artists who would give me the gift of words with which to share the pain. I am thankful for the great cost of their words.

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