The Snowdrops of Eyam


Drooping heads stare at iced ground,
Briefest glimpse of unblemished purity.
Stinking death and rotten earth sodden in freezing rain.

Thin green leaves, a slim chance
Of catching bright sun-rays.
In these brief spans,
These dark days.

A dozen bowed necks solemnly remember:
There were more, once.
Now taken. Snuffed in bitter ground’s cold clasp.

Yet these floundering, shaking stalks
All laden with winter,
Stand sentinel
There was life here, once.
And life will come again still.

As mournful friends at loved one’s bedside:
Snowdrops so soon to appear,
Are quickly overcome by march of spring.
As the cheering warmth once again draws near.


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  1. Excellent. Truly.


  2. Very good, Ian, very good.


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