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  1. I find it a very sad comment “I do not think, as perhaps I did in the past, there is one simple answer to how Christians are to exercise power in the world”

    There are several admonishments in the Word about straying from our first love, and continuing to walk in Christ as we first came to him (I think of the Ephesian Church in Revelation, Paul’s comments to the Galation Church and John’s instructions in 1 John in particular)

    I think we are in the best position we are ever in when we first come to Christ – and sadly this is so easily lost as we get into “churchianity” and more study outside of His Word alone.

    I would like to suggest that maybe the simple answer you used to have as to how Christians should use their power in the world may indeed have been the right one – provided it was along the lines of “we must let everyone else know this almost too good to be true news that Jesus died for them.”


    • Beverly has a point. If (your) god is as powerful and omniscient (and actually exists), as is claimed in the Bible, then his words should probably not be trifled with.


    • I agree with you: It is plain that Christians have one love and one goal in this world, to glorify God.

      But there are nuances to that answer. Especially when the complexities of real life, often aggrevated by the leading of the Holy Spirit, force our hand in response.

      Barth’s words reminded me that all power is given by God and it is a gracious gift. This gives me confidence in his wisdom, that though some of us have great influence and some of us posess none, we are each led by the one Lord.

      I may have once thought that Christians should, for example, try and get everyone into Church to hear a preacher. There was a day when this would cause many people to be driven to glorify God and follow him. Is this true these days? Does it glorify God to do this today?

      It might be clear then, that the answer becomes more complicated when we start to engage the real world.

      But keeping the goal, the upward call, in our hearts as our motivation will give us courage when facing these questions.


  2. “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil! But because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

    Albert Einstein


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