Protesting Westboro: The Aftermath

The protest went really well.

We stood together to proclaim love in the face of such hate.

We sang and prayed together.

Amazing morning.

Praise God.


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  1. ??? How are they a church? How wrong are they to only read negative segments of the bible?? good on ya man, much love to the REAL Christians in that protest 🙂


  2. Lol i’m disappointed Ian… is there a follow up to this? Did you talk to them? Did any students come up to y’all and give thanks? Lack of pictures? Did you get one of their picket signs and throw it in the fiery doom of the “student crossing”? This lacks Ian’s writing style. Haha.


  3. maybe there needs to be a little time of reflection before Ian’s writing styleee kicks in on this one.

    I can’t help feeling that Jesus on earth would have somehow made all the vitriol these guys come out with look irrelevant.


  4. Yup you were right Mike, Ian my impatience is my downfall.


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