The Summer Coffee Dilemma


Grey, cold days with a white sheet of snow stretched across the ground.

Icy roads so uninviting and hostile footpaths, treacherous.

Dark skies and brief sunlight.

What respite is there from this sullen season?

Where is there warmth and light and joy?

I don’t know about you, but for me the warm comfort of Starbucks offered me hope in the bitter chill. A hot cup of dark roasted bean-juice and squashy couch, listening to some anonymous indie band. This is my winter salvation.

But this season is slipping away, and it has made me sad.

When the temperature climbs above 25 Celsius (77 Fahrenheit) this suddenly becomes a hassle, not a joy.

No longer is sweet, warm embrace hidden in that white, paper cup. Gone is the serene relief of a heated coffee shop, face pressed against a frosted pane.

What is a man to do?

I just don’t think I can quite accept frosted coffee drinks as a substitute for hot java. Frappés, iced lattes and coffee over ice. It’s just not the same. It’s got more calories. And it’s more expensive to boot.

But hot coffee doesn’t offer quite the same relief in the summer sun.

It concerns me that I shall not have the same refuge as Starbucks in winter.

What shall be my refuge from the harsh light?

Where shall I purchase my relieving, inexpensive beverages?

As for the internet, in what store shall I waste hours of my time staring at an unchanging Facebook wall?

Oh, the trials of summer.

Any suggestions?


Add yours →

  1. Obtain book you enjoy reading.
    Buy a pre-cold’d coffee and a regular style coffee.
    Drink cold coffee slowly while reading.
    When you finish the cold coffee, the previously hot one will be cold.
    Order next coffee. Let it cool while you drink coffee #2 and so on.

    This does rely on you being weird like I am, and enjoying strong black cold coffee.


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