Re: When a Pastor falls (Video)

Brandt Russo is a faithful servant of the poor, people know his name. He failed in a pretty spectacular way, yet his ministry wasn’t destroyed by that.

Check it.


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  1. Not heard of him and an internet search has proved fruitless as to “He failed in a pretty spectacular way” can you point me to a site?


  2. I would maybe suggest that Brant’s personal struggle with sin and the Minister’s alleged enticement of others to fall into sin are two different scenarios. Also from what I can ascertain Brant’s “ministry” isn’t that of being in a position of responsibility charged with leading part of the body of Christ by example. (The biblical view of a shepherd is very much of one that leads his flock from the front – calling the sheep to follow “his example” – a pastor of a church has a shepherding role)


    • No, I suppose one would identify him as a prophet and an evangelist. I’m not sure I would draw a distinction though. Surly there must be one standard for all? (See comments in other post)


  3. The bible does say that teachers are to be judged more severly? Jesus speaks about the millstone in connection with leading a little one to sin? Little one in age – and/or little one in faith? And Paul talks about the responsiblility we have with our actions – even if we aren’t affected by our actions – if it affects others then we should think twice about doing it? If we accept greater responsibility we incur greater judgement. I feel the world’s view today is so much me/myself/I that we lose sight that we are not left here on earth for our own benefit but for the benefit of others.


    • I’d say that the leaders of the Church ought to embody the standard of Christian living, in holiness, purity, generosity and love. They would incur greater judgement for causing one who did not know God to believe that following him demanded little from them. It would be their unfaithfulness which would displease God.

      So really the way our leaders live ought to be the way we live. Pity so many big-name Christians are greedy extortionists.

      The standard is the same, but the warning is more severe for those who are ‘ahead’ in the faith. Maybe, the more active one is in the life of the Church, the more one should be expected to live a certain way.

      One is a leader so long as there is someone following you, watching the way you do life. Just because someone doesn’t carry the name ‘senior pastor’ doesn’t mean they’re not leading God’s people.


  4. a) They would incur greater judgement for causing one who did not know God to believe that following him demanded little from them …………….I disagree – Paul is talking about those weaker in the faith not those not in the faith. (so I believe was Jesus – he was always having a go at the pharisees for misleading people of th faith not those of unbelief

    b)It would be their unfaithfulness which would displease God……….. no – haven’t you just written, and I have just confirmed that ALL God’s wrath was placed on Jesus – so their unfaithfulness wouldn’t displease God – this isn’t about causing God displeasure but about us choosing our own judgement. We are responsible for our actions – We choose our judgement.

    c) Yes I agree the our leaders ought to live like us – we ought to live by our leaders – in an accurate body of christ situation – everybody would have responsibilities – everybody would contribute and anybody being found actively in sin would be removed from their area of concern if their area of concern was a direct temptation that they couldn’t resist. Sadly because church does not mirror the biblical instruction – only those in some form of leadership are actually in a situation where they may need to be removed. Sad but true. I would say that anyone in any position in the body of Christ should be removed from that position if that position is leading them into sin but as I have already said out of compassion and kindness not punishment.

    Yes I agree completely – the more active the more we should be expected to live – but isn’t this the same as saying pastors should be removed from office if their office is putting them at temptation?

    Absolutely – again – if you are in a position of others watching and learning from your example – then you are obliged to ensure that your example isn’t going to lead others into sin (or indeed yourself). Not quite sure what you point is here?

    WHat you are saying here seems to disagree with what you wrote in the post about the minister – are you saying you have changed your mind concerning any possible removal of him from office?


  5. a) I think the principle can apply to both, since it’s a somewhat blurry line between ‘follower’ and ‘unbeliever’. In any case, the witness of the Church is at stake.

    b) When I said that, I was referring to the thoughts you have frequently shared here. I definitely believe our actions can offend God, especially if you’re a Christian because you have entered into covenant relationship with God. And so, God can allow the consequences of our actions to catch up with us, but equally he can choose to spare us.

    c) What a beautiful dream. I’m not sure it’s ever going to happen.

    I don’t think I ever said a minister should EVER be removed from office, I question the pastor/laity divide.


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