The Church's best kept secret

Dan Brown’s book, ‘The Da Vinci Code” has been sold, according to Wikipedia, 80 million times. It has propelled him into super-stardom as an author. Conspiracy theorists love the secret organisations he writes about and cynics believe everything he says about the Church. In fact I know some  Christians who have been up in arms over the content of the book. Claims that Jesus had a human heir and the Church has hidden it for 2000 years.

These theories are all well and good, but Dan Brown has got nothing on what the actual secret of the Church is. The real biggie. The one truth that brings the whole institution down on itself.

A Pastor I know was preaching in his church today and he let slip this big secret. It was in the second service, so he’d managed to get through one sermon without spilling the beans. It was during the second service that he told a room full of people our best kept secret.

I could have exploded. I was enjoying his talk on community, looking at Acts 2. He was doing SO well. Then the words lept from his lips.

It was like he didn’t care. Or worse, that he MEANT to say it.

Our biggest secret, he reveals, the secret knowledge that has kept the Western church afloat and in it’s privileged position for so long, is that we don’t really need to do what Jesus said.

He continues to say that this is apparently something new to Christianity. He lets the congregation know that the early church seemingly did not know this secret.

I could have gotten up there and then and left. I didn’t, because I had to figure out some kind of damage control. Maybe I could get up and ‘deconstruct’ the sermon with a crafty prayer. I just had to sit there and watch in horror as the congregation came to the realisation that sitting in Church on a Sunday really isn’t what faith is about. Realising that it is in fact about loving and obeying God in Christ.

If the world thought Jesus really meant what he said, who would ever become a Christian? If the Church knew Jesus meant his people to be different, how could our organised religion survive?

The consequences of this secret getting out are further reaching than even the scandal of Jesus having a child. That would just make Jesus into a somewhat irresponsible dad. The outcome of this preaching blunder could destroy the Church as we know it.

Everyone would hate that.

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