What would you #tweetjesus

Soul Survivor day 5

This week I’m promoting some resources in the Soul Survivor toolshed. Away from the ‘Big Top’, one tends not to see many exciting or unusual manifestations of the Holy Spirit. However, I am convinced that God is just as involved in what all these Christian charities and organisations are doing as he is with the young people in the main meetings.

So, whilst I am here I shall endeavour to learn the stories of some of the organisations around me.

As I sit in my little booth, above me and slightly to my left hangs a large banner. On it are the words “what would you tweet Jesus today?” Using many post-it’s we have been asking delegates to write their responses. It’s a great conversation starter and the stand is covered in tweets!

As this week had progressed and the teenagers have progressively become smellier and smellier and I have progressively become more and more irritable, I have enjoyed seeing what the young people have put up on my little wall.

It’s amazing how open they are:

I could use your help, seeing as you’re awesome. Should I be Christian? I know you can help #tweetjesus

I don’t know what story lies behind that and I don’t remember who wrote it but in that brief glimpse into a person’s heart, one can’t help but feel compassion at their confusion but not without admiring the simplicity of child-like faith being birthed in them. It’s funny, at places like this young people often begin to notice more and more the marks of New Life growing up within them. This thing which isn’t them, but is with them and in them and doing something unexpected.

IOU for the other night, and everything else too. #tweetjesus

As strange as it sounds, I ‘get’ that one. I don’t even need to know what miracle that person experienced, but I get it

But there are still miracles yet to be wrought

Hi Jesus, It’s me, molly. I want you to keep people going in the world, mainly my mum because she has cancer and I want you to fight it.

If Molly had told me this, personally, I would have no idea what to say. She didn’t tell me, she told Jesus. Faith through thick and thin is faith which goes to Jesus for everything. What could I say to her, anyway? What wisdom could I possibly offer? No, it is better to go to Jesus and to be found by him in the midst of such anguish. Her words sit with all the others on my wall, the endless cries and shouts of the saints.

Praises of thanksgiving:

Thanks for walking in when the world walked out #tweetjesus

Cries of petition:

Please speak to me more often so I know I’m doing the right thing #tweetjesus

And the absurd!

Who’s your favourite: Peter or Paul #tweetjesus

My favourite is this one:

Give me the strength to come to you. #tweetjesus



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  1. Thank you for sharing these Ian


  2. I wouldn’t even know how to tweet so I guess mine would be

    Jesus, I am glad you are easier to access than my struggles with (new) technology #tweetjesus

    (I copy pasted the last bit as it looked cool!)


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