In Jesus' Name

Day 4 at Soul Survivor

This week I’m promoting some resources in the Soul Survivor toolshed. Away from the ‘Big Top’, one tends not to see many exciting or unusual manifestations of the Holy Spirit. However, I am convinced that God is just as involved in what all these Christian charities and organisations are doing as he is with the young people in the main meetings.

So, whilst I am here I shall endeavour to learn the stories of some of the organisations around me.

In economic downturn it is easy to become concerned with money. In fact, everything we see on the news encourages us to be so. Yet in many countries, that which is small change to us can actually make a big difference.

Compassion are here at Soul Survivor to promote their child sponsorship scheme. At small cost to us, we have the opportunity to transform the entire reality and existence of a whole family in the Global South.

What I love about Soul Survivor is that it’s not all about Soul Survivor. It is an amazing platform for young people who love Jesus to meet people who are actually out in the world serving him! Compassion is a great way to connect with the lifestyle of Jesus, through grace-empowered giving. Compassion have a large presence here, running a café and a large stand to get the idea across. The big idea is this: Worship doesn’t end in the Big Top. Worship is service and we serve God when we serve the poorest of the poor. It’s like this week-long festival is a demonstration of the sort of life a lover of Jesus should expect to walk into.

Compassion are one of many organisations who seek to love those who are forgotten, speak for those who are gagged and lift the burden of the oppressed. It gives me hope that one day, maybe, the Church of Jesus Christ will be know again for it’s humble and gracious service. Pray for the day.

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