The bood of the martyrs is the…

Day 3

This week I’m promoting some resources in the Soul Survivor toolshed. Away from the ‘Big Top’, one tends not to see many exciting or unusual manifestations of the Holy Spirit. However, I am convinced that God is just as involved in what all these Christian charities and organisations are doing as he is with the young people in the main meetings.

So, whilst I am here I shall endeavour to learn the stories of some of the organisations around me.

…Seed of the Church.

I’m going to have to break my own rule a little. As I was sitting in the main meeting this morning, one of the guys speaking really caught my attention and I had to tell you all about it.

Opendoors serve Christians all over the world who are undergoing persecution. In recent years much of their work has been in the Near East and Communist nations. They bring relief to Christians who are undergoing attack, often working secretly to build up churches which aren’t supposed to exist. A couple of years ago, I went with a group from my college to pray outside the embassies of countries which are known to persecute the Church.

One of the main ways Opendoors serve the Persecuted Church is to campaign for religious liberty. So, they are here at Soul Survivor to gain support for their campaign to reject the ‘Defamation of religions resolution‘ which is to go before the U.N. It gives countries the right to decide what religious beliefs can and can’t be shared in a country. Opendoors believe this resolution would legalise persecution of Christians all over the world and are calling God’s Church in the west to raise it’s voice in protest.

This raised, for me, the issue of how the Church relates to the State. I see it as the Church’s command to tell the Word of God to the world. The State is part of the world and so the Word must be proclaimed to it. Of course of the State rejects the Word of God, God’s judgement will fall upon them. Anyway, that’s an aside issue to be worked out in the Comments or in another post later.

Opendoors are a wonderful organisation and I love the fact they are here.


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  1. I’ve heard of Opendoors, and very much count them as allies on this issue (the defamation of religions resolution). Good show.


  2. Hi Ian

    what it all smacks of is Christendom (or Islamdom) … our faith is not protected (or threatened) by the state … it is alive and well in each person and my honest belief is that all of us (whatever religion) must have the freedom to talk about what we believe in.

    I recommend stuart murray’s writings on postChristendom … really good books. Google them.


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