Speaking up for the week

Day 2 at Soul Survivor.

This week I’m promoting some resources in the Soul Survivor toolshed. Away from the ‘Big Top’, one tends not to see many exciting or unusual manifestations of the Holy Spirit. However, I am convinced that God is just as involved in what all these Christian charities and organisations are doing as he is with the young people in the main meetings.

So, whilst I am here I shall endeavour to learn the stories of some of the organisations around me.

As I sit in my Scripture Union booth, I see across from me a very interesting banner. It is made from poster-paint print on a white sheet. Has that ‘hippy’ feel to it. In the middle is written the word ‘speak’ in a red pair of lips. On one side of the stand is a cardboard cutout of Mr Incredible, except he had Vince Cables head. Across from this, on the other side is a many-eyed monster – corporate abuse.

During a lull, I enquired about this stand.

The girl who managed the stand across from me told me a story. All around the world, faceless companies steal the strength of the poor for their profit. They neglect the humanity of their employees and demand more from them, than anyone should be expected to give. The poor cannot complain, or they will lose their jobs and they cannot leave lest they starve.

Now, Speak is a Christian charity which exists to pray and petition government. They are here at Soul Survivor to gain signatures for a petition. I heard the story and I signed the petition to go to Vince Cable.

Many international companies exist beyond the law, or at least the law in a particular country. In the past, horrific cases of workers abuse have been uncovered. The petition this year is to go to the office of Vince Cable to give the victims of abuse access to justice. These companies will not go unchecked. They will be brought before the faces of those who they trampled upon.

So, signature after signature and petition after petition, this organisation will change the world. It won’t be in a sudden flash of political vigour, but through the work of a few saints who understand ‘that the LORD will maintain the cause of the afflicted, and will execute justice for the needy’ (Psalm 140:12).

Indeed, ‘cursed be anyone who perverts the justice due to the sojourner, the fatherless, and the widow’ (Deuteronomy 27:19).

God is working miracles all across this campsite and this land. Those involved with Speak are acting in obedience to God, to love and serve those who are weak and forgotten.

Surly God is pleased to be amongst people such as this.

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