The Prosperity Gospel: Lausanne 2010

The Prosperity Gospel from The Global Conversation on Vimeo.

The Prosperity Gospel is the understanding that God wants his people to be rich, happy and healthy and true Christian faith results in these things. Faith is demonstrated by how much a believer is willing to give. Thus the greedy have typically loved to swarm into churches who preach this, a doctrine to comfort their idolatrous hearts.

Tragically, this teaching is very attractive to the destitute, who may  be willing to pay extraordinary amounts of money to receive ‘blessing’.

Take a look.

Also, I’d recommend checking out the Lausanne Movement’s website. Full of fantastic resources.


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  1. a sad reflection on biblical truth being mis used. But please people don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Examine for yourselves what the Bible says about how much God wants to bless us – not so that we can revel in it but so that we can use it to bless others. Everything is available to us through God’s free gift of grace. Prosperity and Health is certainly a blessing and a promise in Scripture from genesis onwards – always have been and always will be – and I don’t think God has changed his mind on this. But as with everything it is open to abuse sadly. As always – test from Scripture – open the Word – ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth and see what God has to say on the matter – you ay be surprised!!!


  2. I find it disgusting when material gain becomes a means of testing a person’s faith. I’ve heard people say they shouldn’t put those Jesus-fish on their cars if it’s a bit of a junker. Because, naturally Jesus of course wants you to have a nice car!


  3. I totally agree with you. But you can’t deny that God promises and indeed wants to give blessings to those who love him – the Bible is full of these promises and blessings. Study of the Word will reveal the difference between understanding the truth and separating it from the lies and abuses. This in turn allows us to acknowledge that God does indeed want to bless us but that these are a natural fruit of following and loving him rather than a reason to follow and love him.


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