Breakfast with Jesus

This morning I had breakfast with a dead man,
Well, they said he was dead
But he looked alive when he grilled the fish
On the beach fire

I ate with a man who had been beaten mercilessly
And abused by the state
Rejected by the crowds
He offered me some fish

The man I had walked out on, denied
In his greatest time of need
No one was left
And he died

The same old Jesus stood on the beach
And suddenly I was the dead man
Forsaken and alone
A heavy heart os despair

And I can hardly chew, can’t stomach the taste
That this dead-and-then-alive Jesus
Would care for me
When I gave up on him

This morning breakfast with the dead-and-then-alive man

(John 18:25-27, 21:1-23)


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  1. I liked it. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Anneka Hannah May 10, 2010 — 2:36 am

    We’ll make a poet out of you yet 😉 that’s really good.


  3. I like it Ian. Thanks also for your advice and help re blogging and setting up websites. I’ve just opened one, and we’ll see where it goes.
    Cheers mate, like your site: and well done at Festival too.


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