The Punch List

It’s probably just me, but there are a few people I like to imagine being punched in the face.

I like to imagine it is me punching them in the face

I like to imagine myself punching them repeatedly in the face.

I’m sure you don’t have such a list.

Now this list isn’t exactly a long list, but I could recite it without much thought. It’s not like I wish them dead or anything. Just that it might make me feel good to give them a bloodied nose or fat lip. There is no precise way of defining how one gets onto this list, but here are some rough guidelines:

  1. People who expect too much from me
  2. Especially when they are ignorant of the way I feel
  3. People who seem to do well no matter what
  4. Hypocrites
  5. People who wind me up
  6. On purpose
  7. People who only want to know me for what I can give to them
  8. Those who have no remorse for the wrong they have done
  9. To me
  10. To others

Funny how I am all of those things, and more.

I’m sure you’re a better person that me. I’m sure there is no one you would secretly quite like to punch.

I really hope God transforms that part of me.


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  1. So would you punch yourself? I don’t know if you intended this post to by funny, but it made me laugh!
    Hmm, I can’t say that I’d want to punch anyone in the face, maybe a light slap.
    Anyways, hope you’re having somewhat of a good day!


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