Singles don't get touched

I’m going to be honest.

I usually am, anyway so that shouldn’t come as a surprise. But when I flag up that I am going to be honest, what I really mean is ‘this is something that really hurts me, so don’t mock me for sharing’.

Singles don’t get touched.

And it hurts.

If you’re single, there is no one who constantly checks up on you, no one with whom to share hopes and fears and dreams and dreads. No one who rests their head on your shoulder or who puts their arm around you. No one to hold you and no one for you to hold.

It really hurts.

And when people don’t touch me, it sort of makes me feel less than human.

That’s all.


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  1. Aww! I’m sorry that this is your experience. Just saying that isn’t going to make it better, but I hope something great happens for you today.


  2. Even to be touched can be hard. I feel safe in saying your like me. Feel like you don’t deserve love. Feel that you should not recieve or seek love. Sometimes not being touched is easier because being touched shows that someone cares, that someone loves and to let that in when you feel you don’t deserve it can be even harder.


  3. Hey, Ian. I keep running across your comments on blogs that I frequent: jesusneedsnewpr, stufffundieslike, ect, and I figured I’d check out your blog.


    Dude, I love your stuff. I can honestly say that reading your thoughts are like reading my own, especially this one. I love your honesty and transparency. Also, the fact that you’re a Doctor Who fan gets you instant cool points in my book. Keep it up, man. And stay strong. God’s started a good work in you. He’s honor-bound to complete it. Just remember that. It’s a promise you can bank on.


  4. I understand the feeling. It hurts. Especially when you’ve had someone in your life, and then they leave you. It hurts so much.


  5. same 😦
    feel a bit like Amelie, if you have ever seen that film


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