What's going on here? – Art

What story does this picture tell you?

It can mean whatever you want it to, honestly. It’s art! And who’s going to know? But if you do think of something, I would like it if you would leave your thoughts in the comments box.

Here’s what I was thinking when I drew it:

I was sharing in an evening of spiritual reflection with an artist in the church I was doing mission with. She encouraged us to imagine a scene.

we were told to imagine we were walking down a quiet path to somewhere peaceful. I imagined a small beach in a natural harbour. And I walked down the path towards a bench. There was no one else around.

I sit down, and sit a short while. After a time I am joined by another figure. As God sits next to me, a knot bunches in my stomach, and I can’t look at him. I swallow back my dry throat. I know he is looking at me. We were told to imagine what God might tell us or sow us at this point, but no words came to mind.

He goes to put his arm around me, but the knot in my stomach ascends to my throat and I promptly get up. Not looking back, I walk quickly away.

And thus you see the drawing above.

But what story do you see in this picture?


Add yours →

  1. God walks up to me and says. “i see you’ve found my favourite spot”.
    i respond ” its funny how we tend to like the same things isnt it?”
    great picture by the way.


  2. It wasn’t one of running away, but rather one of fear and apprehension to draw close to God, of one that wanted to be welcome, but wasn’t sure whether he could cope with being welcomed.


  3. Rebecca Williamson April 1, 2010 — 3:24 pm

    i see a couple who have just had a big argument and the women had stormed off. The man realises he said some harsh things and sets off to go and look for her, then after searching for hours he gives up and decides to go home. He goes through the park and there he sees her, and they kiss and make up

    bit like a cheesy movie really!


  4. Anneleen Verlinden April 1, 2010 — 4:18 pm

    If this picture represents me and God, I think it would be God sitting on the bench. Waiting for me to join. because God is always there, always ready for a chat. Its me that needs to actually go to the bench and draw near to God. Not sure if I am facing God in the picture, or turning my back on him. Depends at what stage I am in my relationship I guess šŸ™‚

    Nice one Ian! Did you draw it yourself? Its really good! There is an artist hiding inside, somewhere. LET HIM OUT šŸ˜€


  5. I did indeed draw that. It was charcoal on paper. I had a great time doing it as well.

    I hope to draw more. I’m not very good at complicated stuff, so stick figures are much more manageable for me šŸ™‚


  6. I have to say I agree with what Anneleen said.
    Very deep and meaningful! šŸ˜€


  7. I saw the reverse of what Anneleen said… I was sitting on the bench and God was drawing near as I took the time to focus and concentrate on Him. Interesting =)


  8. Honestly. You’re all at least 70% more holy than me. Seeing all these lovely, intimate pictures with God.

    Love it šŸ™‚


  9. I saw a bench on the edge of the cliff.
    An old friend sitting on the bench.
    A comfortable silence.
    The kind of atmosphere that you get when you know you don’t need to speak because you are just comfortable being in that person’s presence.
    Whether that was me & God I don’t know but I hope it will be one day.


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