Mission Log #6

Comfort Zones.

I think the concept of a ‘comfort zone’ was invented by people trying to make others feel guilty or ignorant for doing things they enjoy. Allow me to elaborate, if you are not with me on this.

If, for example, one really enjoys playing the guitar, and happens to be rather good at it, so good in fact that they are able to share the gift of music with others by making great music and perhaps helping others great music too. Another person might look at that individual and accuse them of being stuck in their ‘comfort zone’ and instantly INSIST that they go and try something else.

Apparently it’s only possible to grow when outside of our ‘comfort zones’, zones which have been defined by the person that insists we need ‘growing’ in the first place.

Isn’t ‘growth’ just another word for ‘change’? So when someone says you have an opportunity to ‘grow’ is it possible that they are basically saying ‘I don’t like the way you are’? or perhaps ‘you need to change’? So ‘growth’ is a synonym for ‘change’.

I know I’m being a bit cynical. I know this post is kind of harsh in tone. But I must protest, since when is it a bad thing to enjoy particular pursuits? This one thing has been a real drain on this mission. That is the insistence that we must ‘get out of our comfort zones’, which we have already seen is just another way of saying ‘I don’t like the way you are’.

But hold on, is that what is really being said? Does challenge mean that someone doesn’t like you? Does hardship mean enmity? I’m not certain. Writing this I feel great pain, disorder, frustration. Annoyed at my inadequacy and disappointed by my own hard-heartedness.

How interesting that these are the things to be brought up by this. Being challenged in certain ways. Pressing on the wounds. It stings. But perhaps I was unaware of the wounds until they had been pressed.

What wounds are these? Wounds of the memories of rejection? Wounds of letting myself down? Wounds of not being who I want to be?

I think the purpose of being pushed out of comfort zones is perhaps served in this conflict. In some respects, this pushing out can serve to drag sin and shame into the light, which otherwise might have remained hidden. In the comfort zone, I can display my shiny side. Moved out of it, the bits of me which have been sitting for so long in filth can become clean.

And it’s simply pride which struggles against this process.
I am proud. It’s disgusting, isn’t it?

Maybe it will be over soon.


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  1. Hi! I just recently discovered your blog, and have really been enjoying it.
    While it was a bit harsh, sometimes you just need to rant.
    It’s definitely a different view on the term “comfort zone”. I’ve always thought of it as a place of safety, where you let fear hold you back from growing. (And I do think that growth and change are two different things).
    Being taken out of your comfort zone, occasionally, is a good thing. And when people are encouraging you to do so, know that they have your best at heart.
    So don’t let this get you down! You’re probably going to look back at this time of work and see how God was using and preparing you for something greater. That’s how it seems to always work! 🙂
    Don’t know if this helps. Just thought I’d comment.


  2. Hmm – surely the point is that we shouldn’t be thinking about ourselves and what we like and what we want to do at all (isn’t this just pride – the route of all sin) – if we all just thought about other people as commanded by our Saviour then we wouldn’t have a problem with anything we were asked to do because we could do it all in His strength and not our own. Our walk with God isn’t about what we want to do but what God wants us to do – Psalm 37 v 4 – let God implant in us the desire of our Heart – (his desire not what we want but what He wants?)
    Sorry to be harsh – sent in Christian Love!!


  3. I appreciate the feedback. Of course, as with any writing, I am only writing what I experience and hopefully scrutinising that under the light of scripture.

    And it was good for me to read both your comments, give me a bit of a reality check. I’m not sorry I wrote that, I’m not sorry I am struggling with this, because your voices have really helped me to understand what God might be doing in me at this time.

    Thanks for your encouraging, and challenging, words!



  4. Balance, balance, balance.
    I think that people should be celebrated for their skills and used to their strengths.
    I also think that sometimes it is important to do things that we find annoying / distasteful / downright unpleasant, as I have personally found, there have been times when trudging through the knee-high treacle of ‘I don’t want to do this’, I have eventually come to serve with true joy.
    Sometimes dogged, uncomfortable perseverance leads to joyful, pleasurable service.
    And sometimes, yes, you are right, its best to just play to everybody’s strengths because we can get things done much more effectively that way.
    Definitely a good thing to do in those times when we feel “I’d rather be doing something entirely different.” is to use them as self-reflection, examining our motives, getting in touch with our inner desires and longings and checking whether they are Godly or selfish!
    Keep it up bro, I’m sure somewhere you will find this all a useful and uplifting experience, even if that is a few years from now only looking back!


  5. Amen to that!

    God seems to not waste anything, and I believe he is just as present in my unenjoyment as in my rejoicing.


  6. ” is it possible that they are basically saying ‘I don’t like the way you are’? ”

    Hey bro, I think for me in my life I had to understand this more to say ‘i dont like Where you are”. It’s not necessarily anything particularly that God has given me or how He made me, but where I’m choosing where to be. Just a thought.


  7. I still see it as a passive-agressive way of saying ‘you suck’


  8. But for a mate who you trust or know cares for you, it’s ok to say you suck where you are… because I would think they see potential that you can be better…. yes?


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