Valentines Blessing

It hurts me to write this. Really, I’d rather dip my face in burning acid than admit it, but one of the clearest and most blessed ways by which God reveals himself is by the union of man and woman.

Marriage shows the perfect representation of the invisible God, as together man and woman are in his likeness. Similarly, those who are married can testify to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the mystery of his love for the Church.

So these words I want to bless those who are married and those who are on the way towards it.

May the Spirit of the Divine
Bind you to one another
With the ties of love and service
Obedience and honour
Which are good and right in the sight of God

May you learn together what it means to be human
Formed in the image of the Most Holy

May you bring honour to Jesus through your conduct and conscience
Glorifying our Risen Saviour
And baring witness to the great Lover
The Bridegroom who loves his people

May God be pleased to manifest his presence with you
And may he rejoice over you
His dear children


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  1. Amen.


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