Her Name was Veronica

Today I met an elderly lady at a church I was preaching at.

This is her story.

As a younger woman, she was in hospital, ill, near death. Her husband was in the process of leaving her with three children to take care of. Her illness led to her becoming isolated, alone. After years of poor living, bad choices and hurting this woman, a struggling mother, she was left scared and desperate in the house.

Her husband threatened to take her children from her, as she was emotionally and mentally ruined. Veronica was a wreck of a person, and this is the wreck Jesus met.

One day when out of the house, accompanied by a nurse, a kind lady spoke to her. She asked, would you like for the minister to visit you?

“I’d like that” she replied
“Where is it that you live”
“I… I don’t know where I live”

The nurse confirmed this, and proceeded to give this kind lady Veronica’s address.

This brief… almost insignificant exchange was revolutionary.

The pastoral visit was straightforward. They came and shared the message of Jesus, that all our sins could be forgiven through him.

‘What, even me?”
“Most certainly, you can be accepted by God too, through Jesus”
“Well, it can’t mess my life up any more than it is already”

And with that, the Lord took Veronica by the hand, loving, guiding, comforting. She was baptised at a local church, and the Lord worked through her to see 37 more people baptised in the next 2 years.

A little old lady named Veronica spoke to me, a month after her husband had departed this world. Jesus Christ had become her treasure and her great reward. This woman, closer than I to the veil of eternity, knew what it meant to be captivated by Jesus in all things.

She blessed me in more ways than I could ever put into words here.

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