Here I pitch my tent

Today, at college, we spent the day in quiet reflection. We were asked to reflect on what we wanted to ‘build’ for God this semester, and then make it out of clay.

I’m not the best clay sculptor, and so I made a simple teepee. It wasn’t very good and it fell flat a few times, but you know? I kind of liked it. It reminded me that I’m not really the best person in the world.

Here’s a poem I wrote:

Here I pitch my tent
It’s not very good
Strength is not it’s pride
Not many will find it comfortable

Yet here I pitch my tent
And if ‘here’ should fail
And my tent comes down
Why be concerned? It’s just a tent

Here I pitch my tent
For all to see

Here I pitch my tent
Pitch yours with me


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  1. I really want to thank you for this Ian. It really made me think a lot. I hope I remember it every time I put up my tent, which I am sure will be many occasions more in my life time.


  2. Hey Ian
    I came into Cliff with Fran to look at the results of the quiet day. I read the poem on the floor by the teepee and loved it. Glad to find it was yours. Love your approach to spirituality, life and stuff. Honest, whole. Keep it going.


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