Singleness and Intimacy

This evening I had a fantastic conversation with a friend about my family and the ways I struggle being single

The issues were unresolved, but it was a blessing to know that the other person really cared and wanted to know.

Singleness does not mean I can’t be close to other people.

In God, all things are possible. Even living life single.

And here, in God’s kingdom, are the power and resources to do life for God’s glory.

Even in all the struggles and hurts and joys and smiles, God is more satisfying.

Today I experienced that as reality.

I hope God makes it happen more.

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  1. When I was about 30-something, and hadn’t yet met Anne, I wrote a booklet; 12 sides of A5 and I called it ‘Involuntary Singleses; Home Alone 2 and a half; the smell of supermarket micromeals’ (or something like that). It expressed something like what you’re talking about in these blogs. I had met a lovely girl, I had high hopes for the relationship, but it turned out to be one way. I had proposed and was turned down. Then God gave me the same scripture 4 times over 3 days from 4 separate sources, and it was the one where Abraham had to sacrifice his son (only thankfully God stopped him when he was ready to demonstrate his obedience). I realised I had to let go and let God get on with it. I wrote that booklet about just praising God what ever the circumstances, and being content in whatever circumstances God puts us in; lack or plenty. So it was that I handed it over to him and said ‘if you have me single for the rest of my life, so be it.’ Then I wrote the booklet, and a couple of months later I met Anne. The circumstances surrounding our meeting were mindblowing, but that’s how God seems to work at times. Perhaps I should get that booklet loaded up on the web sometime.
    Having said that, I hear what you are saying about the craving just to touch and be touched – to just have a hug. Yes, I felt that too; here’s something that might inspire you for a bit of fun if you haven’t seen it before:

    God bless mate
    David W


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