10 'words'

You are the Living God, no speechless idol, with glory that shines brighter than the flash photography that depicts the gods of this world.

You are Holy, and I do not worship you lightly. I call you my God with reverence and fear.

You worked so you could rest, let me not forget, Oh God, my working looks forward to the rest I have in you

You are the one that brought me into this world at this time, seeing my parents fit to carry me thus far. Help me to bring them the honour due, and in turn receive your promised honour.

You created me for community, to enjoy the company of others. Do not let me become corrupt and breathe death and contempt for your children.

You made it so that a man and woman may become the ultimate expression of community, and Lord let me bless that union, forbid me from corrupting it with my thoughts, words or deeds.

You provide enough for each person in this world, Do not let me take that which you have given another.

You are the God of perfect justice, you love the truth for you are Truth. May my words be true, do not allow my words to become corrupt, bending towards my own will.

You are the Lord, the God who redeems me from slavery. In you I have my freedom, so train my eyes towards yourself that I might not desire the things you give to others. All things are yours and I have no claim over them.


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