On the third day (Remembering God’s Grace)

Sunday has been a very significant day for Christians. The reason we have traditionally held church worship on this day is because it is the day of Jesus’ resurrection.

New life and new hope came on Sunday.

This week, I’m thankful for the way in which God has inspired me. I wrote a sermon for my church, and a drama and some prayers. I completely did not deserve to have God do that, but for the building up of his church, God did it for me.

And more than that, I actually quite enjoyed it. Engaging with and struggling through the text brought be a great sense of joy, peace. That satisfied feeling you get from doing what you love. God gave me that gift, through preaching and leading worship.

He also provided me with enough money to fill my petrol tank, and also kept me safe when driving on the ice.

Fond friends encouraged me this week, also, and helped me when I was worried about my sermon.

I am thankful for many things this week

God is good.

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