A Discontented Prayer

Dear Lord.

I want to be found.

I want to be discovered.

I want to be known.

I’m a complicated person, full of all sorts of contradictory feelings and thoughts, hopes and fears. This Christmas, if I’m really honest, I want someone to share all of me with. I want to be fully known.

This is why I struggle being single.

I want to know that someone sees the messy insides of me, and is moved by love. And for that person to seek the Lord with me. Being single sometimes is synonymous with being lonely. I don’t want to be alone.

God, this Christmas please give me these sorts of relationships. Make me humble and lower my guard. Take away my fear. I know that you are good.

All the dark and light, cloudy and clear.

Bring it all to bear. I want to be found.

In my sin and in my salvation, I want to be discovered

In my impurity and in my cleanness, I want to be known.

In the greatest darkness of my heart, and the brightest hopes of my soul.


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