Young, free and single #1

This is the first of an occasional series as I reflect on what it means for me to be available to God.

Living in the community I do, Cliff College, there are several amusing quirks. The food, the heating, the paper-thin walls. And the phenomenon of ‘cliff couples.’

One couple hold the record for fastest marriage, meeting in September and being married by the next year. Many of my friends don’t seem to be too far behind! Much celebrating, excitement, anticipation as these, my dear friends, head into committed relationships which likely will result in marriage.

But if I am called to be single, for a time, then I imagine that God wants me to not become part of a ‘Cliff couple.’


How am I more available to God, not being part of a relationship here?

Well, lets take a journey through the average day, maybe that will hold some clues:

When I wake up in the morning there is no one I need to text. No one I need to go and see and nobody immediately requires my attention. Is there an opportunity for me to be available to God? Perhaps so.

Now I’m not suggesting it’s a bad thing to be in a committed relationship. If you are, don’t think that I’m judging you for how you spend your time or organise your day: It’s right for those in relationships to be totally devoted to their partners.

For when these demands are not present then surly I can listen to the ‘sound of a low whisper’ (1 Kings 19:12). But most of the time, I’m asleep in the mornings. Perhaps here is a change I should be making to the layout of my day?

What if I woke up early in the morning with the expectancy that I was going to hear the voice of God? As many of my friends wake with expectancy to see their beloved, what if I had the expectancy of seeing my Beloved?

I’ll let you know how I get on


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  1. Since I recently became single, the mornings and the evening have been hard. Not texting anyone, indeed not having anyone to text to tell them that I miss them or engage in idle conversation has been difficult. But I do hope that I find ways in which this newfound lack can become a fulfilling time – it’s certainly helped me give more time to my friends, and I hope it will help me give more time to 1-on-1 (or is that 1-on-3?) time with God.


  2. Good word Ian. I look forward to the next part of the series.


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