On the third day (Remembering God's Grace)

Sunday has been a very significant day for Christians. The reason we have traditionally held church worship on this day is because it is the day of Jesus’ resurrection.

New life and new hope came on Sunday.

This week God has caused peace to settle in my heart, after much striving over why I feel the way I feel, I recognise that God indeed is faithful to me. Specifically he has caused me to reconsider why I am single, and to what end he has caused this to come about.

In God, my life makes more sense. Even the deepest pits are not without a glimpse of hope. I can say now that I do not need to feel like it’s ‘worthwhile’ being a Christian, because something wonderful has happened. Peace that transcends understanding has come. My life situation has not changed, but God has come to me to show me that there is always something greater to expect.

This week I have gotten much work done, and been able to serve in the various roles I have been given. Serving conference guests with their technical requirements, young people at the youth group I help at and being a spiritual support to my dear friends at college.

All because Jesus rose again

All because of him


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  1. Amen indeed.


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