The week is nearly through

The week is nearly over.

Have you prayed this week?

I sometimes feel guilty because I can go a whole week without spending time acknowledging and speaking with God.

But don’t be ashamed. If you can only manage 5 minutes whilst reading this blog post, remember:

‘if we are faithless, he remains faithful—for he cannot deny himself.’ (2 Tim 2:13)

And if you’re not very good at praying, then maybe these words could help:


Thursday afternoon doesn’t feel like a very important time. Surly I should have spoken to you on Monday morning, before trying to get through this week by myself?

Honestly, it has just slipped my mind.

But thank you for hearing me at this rather un-monumental time. I ask your blessing now, over me and the rest of the week I am in the middle of. Thank you that this little bit of time I have given you is enough for you to do a great thing.

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