On the third day… (Remembering God's grace)

Sunday has been a very significant day for Christians. The reason we have traditionally held church worship on this day is because it is the day of Jesus’ resurrection.

New life and new hope came on Sunday.

So from now on I shall list here, every Sunday the ways in which God has been good to me and the ways he has answered me.

God has brought me through the week unharmed, with no injury or injustice.

God has given me a fresh desire to read the bible, and to connect with God in that

God has provided me with the money to pay for my car insurance

And given me a place to get some repairs done for cheap.

He has inspired me and given me the desire to work on my long-term goal to set up a gap-year programme.

He has placed people in my path this week who listened to me and offered me great kindness whilst I was hurting

He showed me that which was wrong in my heart, and I know there is indeed hope for me

And by his power, there is great joy in my heart, the desire to serve and love the people nearest to me.


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