Placement Reflection #3

I made a friend last night.

His name is Kieran and like me he’s into computing. He’s pretty good too, knows how to fix PC’s, how to do all sorts of cool things. I even learned a few new tricks from him. Plays a lot of games too. I was never into it, but he’s a hardcore Runescape player.

Like me, he sometimes struggles with feelings of loneliness, low self-esteem. He’s a smart bloke though. Really articulate!

Last year, his mother committed suicide. He now drinks all day.

How can I be good news to this lad. I believe God has given us a connection of sorts. I want to respond appropriately.

What does Jesus look like to Kieran?

It would be really easy to get involved in his life. To become a regular feature. It would be easy to chat with him often, but I know that’s not going to transform his life. I’d become another person for him to abuse and lie to. He’s an addict, and thats how it works.

How can his situation be transformed? Having one or two friends is good, but giving him the gift of community is better. Right now he is put up with, not loved.

Maybe I’m being judgemental. Looking at his lifestyle, so different from mine and making a judgement. Yet I remember so clearly his words. The honesty of his lips, and anguish in his heart cried out for something more. I don’t need to convince him that life can, and indeed should, be different.

What is that difference?

I can’t answer that question right now. Yet in my heart there is a longing for things to change for Kieran. I pray that this year I can see a real difference in his life.

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